Another Zenith Cover-up

Sorry I went offline for awhile, I had to go deeper underground to avoid “them.” I am back for now and have been busy with research.

I did some deep digging for more information about Zenith and came across a company called Z-Search.

Z-Search appears to be a subsidiary of a much larger organization called Wadjet Industries.


Wadjet and Z-Search own multiple companies which specialize in the following areas:

Be aware, these companies were formed in the late 20th, early 21st century. They are a part of your present, my past – you must stop them now, before it’s too late.

Goodbye Blog

I’ve decided to give up this blog. The comments are all spam anyway, and considering only about 1/10th of my original followers still has access to darknet, this will be my last post. Not to mention, I never meant this to transform into a ‘Conspiracy Theory Website’.

I’m long overdue for a better future, though – wish me well!

What is Zenith?

“What is Zenith?”

I searched that term online to no avail, until I just typed it in as a URL and found this website:

It appears there are/were more people out there who knew about Zenith and tried to stop it. Is this the “small movement” that will be able to survive the decline?

Stop Zenith

In response to, I am officially renaming this blog as (WHAT IS ZENITH), as an online response of sorts.”Stop Zenith” before your future becomes my present. Please redirect bookmarks accordingly. By combining their theories with mine, this blog will be the hub for all things Zenith.

Jackpot (Part 2)

I’ve got the Zenith book and two more tapes:

Zenith Book and Tapes

I’m still reading the book but thus far it seems to be a written collection of secret documents, authored by a few individuals to include an ‘accountant’ (who I assume is Sidney Schliemann). The book details a secret society of men that is ‘higher’ than the others.

The term “secret society” is used in the book to describe fraternal organizations that may have secret ceremonies and means of identification and communication, ranging from collegiate fraternities to organizations that are immensely powerful, with self-serving financial and political agendas, global reach, and Luciferian beliefs.

Ed often spoke about secret societies: The Illuminati, The Bilderbergers, Bohemian Grove, and the Freemasons. It’s hard to believe that there’s another group pulling their strings.

The book goes on to define Zenith as a tipping point of a society that these men created: A time when the sun comes into its peak, after which follows an inevitable decline. After the masses of the human race are controlled by their system (left feeling “dumb and numb”) society will crumble, leaving the vast majority to suffer. I have the feeling that society (in general) is already well past any ‘Zenith’ in this framework. (NOTE: Sorry to use the term ‘society’ so many times in this post!)

The book also discusses a small movement that will be able to survive the decline.

The two videotapes, however, prove to be a bit less useful to my personal ‘language quest’ — However, the suitcase that Ed stole (from the author of Zenith?) contained this list of names:

Ed Crowley's List

Here is the list:

  • Elliot Mann
  • Diana [???]
  • Gerald Simons
  • Fred Marsh
  • Henry [???]
  • Cynthia McNamara
  • Willie Garza
  • Jerome Petit
  • Frank Ottoson
  • Erik Ronheim
  • Hank Mirren
  • Matthew Smith
  • Doug Oberts

Ed visited Hank Mirren and Doug Oberts in the fifth tape, but neither knew anything about Zenith.
In the end, although the book does have me intrigued, the tapes only detail my father’s paranoia. Trying to prove his conspiracy theory only makes him look more crazy. Well, perhaps the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…
I’m officially re-naming this blog to ‘THIS IS ZENITH’

Got another tape.

I received a call from a collector last night… His cops came to meet me and we did business (the one named Sebastian was a little rough). The video doesn’t really explain anything new (concerning language), but I did learn afterward that Ed had posted a clip of this video tape on his website. Here is the clip (source):

It looks like he was toying with the idea of uploading all his videos to the Internet, but none of the tapes are in full, just short snippets.

I assume the cameraman, who Ed refers to as Dale, is this man (darknet users note: the link won’t work – it’s an old social networking website called Facebook). The interesting bit in this video is the appearance of a photograph that Ed seems very interested in. His name is Sidney. I assume this is the same man who first introduced Ed to Zenith – judging from clues provided on the other two tapes.

The actual tape “3” is much longer, Ed and Dale end up ‘acquiring’ the briefcase, but I have no clue what’s in it.

More importantly, the collector told me where to find more tapes, as well as the ‘Zenith’ book itself.


Please spread the word:
I am looking for 40 year old video recordings created by Ed Crowley (see images in previous posts).

Top of the line medicine in exchange for the tapes.

Contact me by asking around Borough Park neighborhood for ‘Dumb Jack’. (Won’t post my contact information here)