“A” Words

abacinate To blind by putting a hot copper basin near someone’s eyes
abderian Given to incessant or idiotic laughter
abecedarian A person who is learning the alphabet
abligurition Excessive spending on food and drink
accubation The practice of eating or drinking while lying down
adelphepothia An incestuous desire for one’s sister
adelphirexia An incestuous desire for one’s nephew
adelphithymia An incestuous desire for one’s niece
adoxography Skilled writing on an unimportant subject
aeolist A pompous windy bore who pretends to have inspiration
agelast A person who never laughs
agerasia The state of looking younger than one actually is
agraffe The wire that holds the cork in a champagne bottle
algerining Prowling around with the intent to commit burglary
alphamegamia The marriage between a young woman and an older man
anopisthography The practice of writing on one side of the paper
apodyopsis The act of mentally undressing someone
autohagiographer One who speaks or writes in a smug fashion about their own life and accomplishments
autolatry The worship of one’s self
autotonsorialist One who cuts their own hair